EPLAN Platform, Version 2.9

We have good news for you – the EPLAN Platform, Version 2.9 is now available to download.

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Are you curious about the highlights this version has to offer? You can find an overview of the newest features on our website.

Important: Changes to the modularisation concept

The newest update to the EPLAN Platform is making it both fit for the future and even easier for you to use. One of these things is a new concept, making the compilation of the add-on modules for the EPLAN Platform solutions even more transparent:

  • Moving forward, the functions of individual EPLAN Platform add-on modules will be assembled in compact units: the new Elements
  • The previous product portfolio and the essential expansion unit both remain as is. The Elements provide even greater clarity.
  • Existing add-on modules for a customer licence are being migrated into the new Elements as part of EPLAN Platform, Version 2.9.

What do these changes mean for you?

  • EPLAN ensures that you will receive at least the previous scope of services for the conversion of the add-on modules – at no additional cost. This also applies for the related software service contracts.
  • In many cases, the scope of services for your licence will also be increased at no additional cost.
  • When purchasing new EPLAN solutions, you will continue to benefit from our transparent and individually combinable product portfolio with attractive pricing.

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By the way: Have you already registered for EPLAN ePULSE?

ePULSE extends the EPLAN Platform with perfectly tailored cloud services. With your update to the new Version 2.9, you’ll be able to take full advantage of all the new features of the open and cloud-based ePULSE solutions, including EPLAN eBUILD and EPLAN eVIEW.